The Sewing and Stitchery Expo

This past weekend I was able to attend the Sewing and Stitching expo in Puyallup. I highly recommend going if you sew or quilt, or want to get some great ideas and awesome good deals on fabrics, and notions!  On Friday my baby sister, Em, went with me and what a full day! The weather was beautiful and wow! I learned so much both Friday and Saturday, 

 Aren't we so cute! There are 12 years and 4 siblings between us, but the resemblance is sure there.
There was about a million women and maybe 300 guys (gay or husbands dragged in) that were there and we were definitely in the younger demographic!

Here is their website, mark your calenders for next year because I will be there! 

I wore a t-shirt over a chambray shirt, I made out of a pair of pj pants, it's one of my fave t-shirts now! The skirt I designed and made with some jersey knit I bought at the Expo last year.

We ended up watching 3 fashion and trend shows on Friday and 2 on Saturday. They had a Camo themed wedding party and I had to take some pics!

I'm sure I will have at least one person want me to make or alter into a camo dress. It's become this huge trend and around here in the NW I swear camo is the new neutral!

Saw the dress and it was love! The jacket alone is beyond fancy, and where in the world would I wear it, but picture it with skinny jeans and riding boots and that's me! 

This was also a little outfit, that I had to buy the pattern for, since the jacket, corset, bustle and skirt are all separate pieces that can be worn in different ways. I did have a bride mention she wanted to do a Victorian themed wedding....?

There was a booth called Sew Chic Pattern Co, by Laura Nash, and she has some beautiful dresses like this vintage inspired wedding dress, my sister really loved it! 

I was in fabric heaven! I need to win the Lotto so I could buy all the pieces I want without feeling guilty. Till then I had to take some pics, anyone who sews can appreciate all the fun fabric bundles. 

On Saturday Mom went with my sis and I, and we took more classes.  My mom and I, I know, we look a lot alike! She's wearing a dress and slip she made. and I'm wearing skinny Capris, mint green cardi, a tank that I custom dyed and my Fave shoes in the world! Jambu's!! Love them!

Starting the day

 and even got to meet Tula Pink, of whom is a fabric designer, who does the coolest, cutest, fun-est, and most whimsical things! Em and I got to have our photo taken with her and she was just lovely. 

Here are some of the fabrics that Tula has designed, I bought a few to make aprons and bibs. 

 Some pics from a few of the 9 classes I took in the two days! Phew, tons of info and ideas, tips and resources....The next month is going to be fun and busy!!

When it was all said and done I had only spent let's say $30 over my planned budget and what did I buy you ask? Well.....

After an inspiring weekend, of crazy dressed women, and lots of color and ideas, I wanted to channel it on Sunday with my outfit for church!   


  1. Hi there-My name is Jenette and your mother and I went to high school together! You and your sister really do look like your mom! I love to sew and design, so I might start following your blog. Love fabric as well and I'm sure I would have gone more than $30 over any budget! Fun to read your experiences of the weekend~