The Skirt Challenge and a Sale!!

If you search skirt challenge or dressember, you will see that it is a change for women for dress up so to speak up, to bring awareness to domestic abuse, encouraging girls and woman to be proud to be female,  to show that one can be modest, stylish, feminine, and comfortable.
 By wearing a skirt or dress you can embrace being a woman/girl.  There is no set date or time to start but here in the Pacific Northwest we start on Mother's day, and finish on father's day, the reason why is because it's spring, the weather isn't too hot, or cool,  or wet, it's a great transition time for layers and dressing up a little!
So from Mother's day to Father's day I will wear skirts or dresses, to support and enjoy being a beautiful, modest feminine woman! I will wear pants when I work out and while working at the horse ranch, but I have plenty of options and to be honest I could probably wear a different piece everyday! The joys of being a tailor/seamstress, never a shortage of clothing!

 Who else wants to participate? Since it's a month away, I'm having a special on any dress or skirt custom made or altered from now until Father's Day, will be 20% off! 
That does not include Formals or wedding dresses!

 Post your pics and share your style and thoughts on the whole experience! 

The Stitching and Sewing Expo

This year I took both of my daughters with me to the Stitching and Sewing Expo in Puyallup. They were so excited! I have planned to take a few classes and ended up taking more. Some that I took were Tailoring Jackets, Pro tips for a Creative Business, Sewing Knits, Making and using Perfect Binding and Corseting 101. We had such a fun day!!

One of the local 4H groups put on a fashion show of their custom sewing projects. 

This was such a fun, busy, educational day and I'm excited to use and apply some of the things I learned and be able to keep on improving myself! 

Fall/winter fashion

Dress Makeover

I'm super excited about this dress. Remember this was the winter white dress I bought at Goodwill for $1.96! The style was nothing great, heck it was a size 24!

After deconstructing most of the dress, resizing it and making some major adjustments, such as bust placement, waistline, and hem length it looks like a completely different dress. I love how well it fits now. I wish I took photos of the process but this was almost a 2 month project in between everything else that was priority.

What to you think?
I'm now on the hunt for more dresses to make over! I'm so in love with this style and the fabric is amazing, I can see this dress becoming a staple that I can wear all year round!

Spring Fashion

I made this skirt from a yard of fabric I bought at the Sewing Expo. This fabric is a nice heavy cotton/stretch blend, the print and colors are fantastic and will be a great addition to my wardrobe! The orange heels are one of my top 5 fave pair of shoes! The cardigan and tank from Gap. My bag is vintage, my best friend found it at a flea market in Idaho and gave it to my for my birthday!

 I love this dress! I wanted something that was a little flirty, lightweight, and versatile. This dress delivered! It's a basic short sleeve, fit and flare style. The silky blend and fun print was just what I wanted for s anew spring dress! These heels are vintage and the best shade of true blue with brass grommets. The belt is from Kohls. I made my necklace

 I made this skirt a few years ago, but the stretch blend and teal color have a timeless feel. I could wear this skirt all year and it goes with everything! I made the silky top last spring. The belt is from Anne Klein. Wedge shoes from Old Navy.

This skirt is a classic. I made this right after having my youngest. I wanted something that I could wear with anything, and the midi length was just an accident (I couldn't decide if I should go knee length or longer) It worked out better this length so I can wear it with heels or boots. These heels are the most comfortable shoes ever! Seriously! I bought them on ebay years and years ago. Gray sweater is from Banana Republic

You can tell I wear things over and over if I really like them! Note the heels, cardigan and necklace! This pencil skirt I whipped up in a matter on minutes. I bought the fabric at the Sewing Expo and couldn't wait to make this skirt. It has an elastic waistband and is super thick and stretchy! The bright print is great.

 This is the Missoni- inspired dress I made last year. It is a knit stretch and a true wrap dress. I could wear this everyday! Truely, it feels like a well worn t-shirt, and fits like a glove. These leather wedge heels I bought at a yard sale 7 years ago. 

 My lil Super model in training. We had to take this pic together since we are coordinating!

 I made this skirt knowing it was a statement piece. The print and color are bright, and I really wanted a maxi skirt, but didn't have enough fabric, so the compromise is a high-low hem. The wedge heels are by Jessica Simpson. The silk cardigan is from J. Crew. I made the tank top and necklace.

 I made this linen skirt at a bias cut sewing class. What bias means is cutting and sewing the fabric against the grain, it drapes and moves with the body more than just hanging there. The Chambray top is by Tommy Hilfiger.