Why tailor or custom fit?

  Satisfaction with every client is very important to me. With my years of sewing and fashion experience I take pride in my work and can help advise you on alterations, simple adjustments or repairs. As with any alteration or repair there are limitations as to what can be successfully achieved. However, if an adjustment or repair is not possible I will suggest alternate solutions, therefore achieving the look you desire and helping you look your best. ~ Kera~

 "Altering" or "Tailoring" mean the same thing: the art of custom fitting clothes to an individual. Achieving proper fit is important because even the finest clothes will not look right if they do not fit properly. The average person makes a purchase from a retail store and might think the fit is "good enough" but is that really the message you want to send to the public?  Not all bodies are built the same, and some clothes do not fit “just right” off the rack. This is why tailoring is important. That one little extra step takes an outfit from "good enough" to "great looking!"

  Basic tailoring can vary from altering shirts so sleeves don’t billow out or so shirts won't bunch in odd places to taking the waist of pants and dresses in/out for a perfect, custom fit. These simple yet basic tailoring fixes will help a person appear slimmer and taller while showcasing their best features and concealing their less desirable ones. 

 Tailoring can be expensive, especially if a person were to have their entire wardrobe altered, which is why it is so important to find a good and reliable tailor. A good tailor will be able to tell what areas of each individual's body are especially important to focus on, thus costing less for minor alterations.

For special occasions such as after a bride has picked out, her wedding and bridesmaids dresses, alterations and tailoring are the next important step. Every bride dreams of a dress perfectly fitting her unique measurements. For this it will be important to schedule several fittings before arriving at the final garment.
Ideally everyone wants a tailor who can attend to their needs quickly but unfortunately wait times of more than a month could be expected.

 Regardless of the occasion, proper tailoring is equally important for pre-made items purchased in department stores. Bringing in a hemline or shortening sleeves will make the difference between gowns that look boxy and awkward and those that fit and flatter the body.

 Personal taste changes... styles change...and our bodies change. When change occurs instead of having to replace a closet full of clothes, consider having alterations made. Replacing a wardrobe can be costly and replacement should not be the only option.

  A garment that has been properly cared for may be a candidate for re-use. A good tailor can provide suggestions and guidance necessary to help one rediscover their wardrobe, thus saving one time and money.

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