The Skirt Challenge and a Sale!!

If you search skirt challenge or dressember, you will see that it is a change for women for dress up so to speak up, to bring awareness to domestic abuse, encouraging girls and woman to be proud to be female,  to show that one can be modest, stylish, feminine, and comfortable.
 By wearing a skirt or dress you can embrace being a woman/girl.  There is no set date or time to start but here in the Pacific Northwest we start on Mother's day, and finish on father's day, the reason why is because it's spring, the weather isn't too hot, or cool,  or wet, it's a great transition time for layers and dressing up a little!
So from Mother's day to Father's day I will wear skirts or dresses, to support and enjoy being a beautiful, modest feminine woman! I will wear pants when I work out and while working at the horse ranch, but I have plenty of options and to be honest I could probably wear a different piece everyday! The joys of being a tailor/seamstress, never a shortage of clothing!

 Who else wants to participate? Since it's a month away, I'm having a special on any dress or skirt custom made or altered from now until Father's Day, will be 20% off! 
That does not include Formals or wedding dresses!

 Post your pics and share your style and thoughts on the whole experience! 

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