Halloween Wrap up!

Yes, its a few days after Halloween. But I wanted to wait till I got the pics from all my wonderful clients and their kids all dressed up!  So here is what kept me up late and busy for the last month and a half! And I'm still waiting on a few other pics...(you know who you are!) This year was all about mermaid, princesses, pirates and ALOT of sparkly lamé (a woven foil fabric)!!!
Mermaid Princess, This was recycled from a different costume that this little lady had out grown, and who doesn't need tulle with a costume, right!


Captain Jack Sparrow! This guy was so much fun to work with! For fittings he would talk like a pirates, Arrg!

Rapunzel from the movie "Tangled", this was over a year in the making because we were super busy last year and luckily I had it all together and just needed to be sewn together. I love how awesome this came out! The chamilione is safety pinned on!

Another Mermaid! The tail/skirt is made from recycled scraps from various formal dresses I did this past year. and there is over 14 yards of tulle in the tail!

 Tinklebelle, Front & Back. This girl was a adorable!!!! She wanted wings and wanted to know if I knew how to make wings that could glow in the dark! I told her mom some ideas and I'm waiting to get the actual Halloween pics to see what she did!

Ok this kid was such a cutie! and the biggest flirt! His fave movie was "Gnomeo & Juliet" so of course he had to be a gnome!

Another Rapunzel! This is her actual hair and she is only 15! We used 2 different colored satins, one was a dress that she bought at Goodwill and the other was her cousins prom dress! We had to watch Tangled to make sure we got the details right and what a fun girl to work with!

Mermaids galore! This was the craziest costume I did this year! The skirt alone was made with 25 different colors and prints of tulle and lamé. The skirt is elastic waisted so this girl's younger sister can wear in a year or two.

On the left, you can see the skirt detail better, the front and back panels are the multi color sections and the sides are green  stretch poly/latex blend.
A basic Pink princess. I hoping to get a few better pics but in the mean time here is the one she sent from her phone.  This was the easiest one by far! A cute t-shirt, sew 6 to 8 yards of tulle along the shirt hem and ta-da! Cute and easy costume!

Peacock Princess, My favorite one this year! This girl is as wild as I am, and when we met and talked with her mom about making a fabulous peacock costume the thought we all shared as "go big or stay home!" So her mom made the wings and beautiful mask and I made the dress, it's made from a stretch velvet and this will be a dress she keeps for years! I followed the same style of tiered scraps from the mermaid skirt of the week before and aded a few real feather at random.

A cute little witch! I loved this dress and this girl was a sweetie!

Nothing says Halloween like the whole family dressing up! I did these costumes actually for this family back in August. this little girl turned 3 and wanted a Cinderella themed party so I made costumes for all of them! The dad was such a good sport and his shirt was an older white button-up that I just changed and collar and added the shoulder pads.

A Royal Princess, I love this pattern and this was a joy to make. This little lady is a tiny thing and I felt like I was making a doll dress! You can;t see but this girl had crazy, flaming red hair! and we have already talked and next year there will be a "Brave" costume on my list for her!

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