Homecoming amd Proms...

I have been beyond busy, and though its not a good excuse. I have a lot of catching up to do! I will try and get as many updated posts up asap!

We just had homecoming 2 weeks ago and I re-styled a few dresses. This one was a lovely dress to begin with, but she wanted it to look more like this one,
 To the left, with short sleeves and shorter length.

This it the dress before. Strapless and floor length.

It had a Lycra stretch, back panel for the back.


With the extra fabric and lining I cut from the length, I was able to make shoulder and sleeve pieces. Sewing sequins is never easy but luckily very forgiving!
 This is my sewing table with the dress in progress.

The finished dress.  I love how it came out! The style and cut flatter her so much. I was able to use the Lycra sections from the back for a whole back panel, it now covers her bra and helps shape the dress better than the thin straps that were there.

The finished dress. I love love love how this turned how so well for this girl. I tapered the silhouette a bit for a more fitted look as well.

This next dress, was a beautiful strapless dress as well, all it needed was some sleeves and luckily came with a shawl that I used for that. 

The dress after, I did wide straps almost a cap sleeve, and a band across the back to keep straps up and hide her bra.

The side and front, it looked so much better with the straps.

Another where I added sleeves. I don't know if we took a before photo, (I'm trying to get better about that!)

The style was just beautiful! and adding flutter sleeves was just what it needed. I'm really happy how nice it looks now.

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