Summer Wrap up, or the Wrap Skirt

As the summer starts to wrap up, I wanted to share my favorite item that I make all the time! The Wrap skirt. I've made as least 30 of these, for myself, friends, family and clients.

It is fun to make and there are many different variations to the style of it,sorry but I won't explain how I make it because that's my signature piece that I make and sell the most of. I usually charge $45 for adult size and $35 for girl's sizes.

Light brown knit. with front pockets. Front.

Back of brown knit.

This is a navy blue linen blend, with navy bias around the pockets. The front.
The side and back of linen skirt.

I had a woman who loves Chambray and wanted and full skirt with side pockets. I used white threads to give it contrast. It wraps around the front.

The back of the Chambray skirt, I usually have the skirts wrap around the back and tie in the front, but this was done opposite and I love how it came out!

Cotton linen blend, in a faded red color. This was one of my first wraps I made and I wore it in Hawaii and ended up making and shipping 3 skirts to people who saw me wear it over there!
The pockets are in the front, and I used white thread again to add some contrast. I wear this all the time in the warmer months.

This is a dove gray skirt, made from a heavy stretch suiting. The client wanted to be able to wear this to work, and dress it up. I think I came out great.
These are just the women's skirts, I've made them for girls, and even toddler sizes, that are so cute!

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