Aprons for baking and more!

I know it has been months since my last post, I keep meaning to just sit down and post something, but really I've been so busy, and with the Holidays fast approaching I'm swamped, but I'm sorry for getting behind!

And speaking of the Holidays, I'm working like a mad woman, making various Christmas presents for several clients, here I'm working on some aprons for clients.

I'm recycling several fabrics that are remnants or scraps from other projects and need to be used, all my aprons are 100% cotton and all have a vintage feel.

This apron is for a client who loves color! She told me to use whatever colors I want, which is really fun when picking out the right matches for prints and solids.

The back.
This one reminds me of Mary Poppins, I just love the style, I used a basic pattern that I modified, for each piece. I love the full skirt, it has a 50's feel to it, and made it fun.

The back.

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