Sports Baby Quilt

I know it has been months since my last posting, but life has been crazier than usual, I had a baby June 11th and have had my hands full with three very active kids!
Hopefully for now life has settled into a routine enough that I can get back to blogging...

I made this quilt for my son. When I was pregnant with each of my girls I also made a quilt for each of them. Each child is very different so each quilt is as well. Since this is our last child and only son, I wanted it to be very "boyish", and what says "boy" better than a sports theme!

I had this idea in my head that I wanted it to look like a football field in the center and have all different sports around it, just in case football wasn't his thing.
I used yellow, red, green and blue quilter's solids to go with the various sport prints, for the border, each block is 6" square when pieced together. The center panel is a very green, heavy cotton, I wanted it to look a little rumpled, and not too perfect.

The yard lines are actually 1" wide ribbon, I measured the "field" to make sure the lines would be evenly spaced and sewed the ribbon on the marked lines.

This is the quilt being pieced together, I have made all my kids' quilt to be for a full sized bed, so they can use them for years.

The finished quilt. I used transfer-on numbers to mark the yard lines, my husband told me that I really only needed the 50 and 20 yard lines, since they were the most important.

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