Jumpers for kids

I love jumpers for little girls! They are super easy to make and a great way to layer as the weather cools down. I'm a huge follower of the weather and the seasons so I'll keep you posted on what works and when! Some of my favorite pieces were made in just a few hours and my girls love them.

I fell in love with this fabric and knew it would be cute as a fall jumper. The print has pink in it so I used a soft pink bias trim to finish it. I made this two years ago for my oldest daughter, and she wore it quite a bit. The style is a pull-over, but I had to add the buttons, they just finished it so well!

This gray tweed has a silver metallic thread and is so beautiful, its a nice heavy fabric that works perfect for fall and winter, and the black and white plaid works with every colored shirt, which is great for busy mornings and trying to get two kids out the door! The buttons were from a suit that had been my father-in-laws, and matched beautifully. The bib-style front worked great. I did the button holes by using my sewing machine. It was much faster than doing it by hand (of which I did before figuring out my machine) I love the tiered style, I use it a lot as it makes the skirt have some extra detail, and also makes anything "grow-able", I'm a huge fan of making things last as long a possible!

E wanted a pink flower dress, and this is actually made from some bedding that I found at Mervyn's before they closed their stores. I bought a twin sized bedding set for $6.00, and was able to make this jumper for my daughter and also one for a friend's niece for her birthday. I think they turned out pretty good!


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