E's Recycled Dress #1

I made this dress for my oldest daughter, E. She will be here a lot since I sew for my kids quite a bit. So get comfortable with them. I made this dress for her last fall when She was out-growing her clothes and needed a warmer dress for church and to just wear. The fabric is from a dress that was given to me in a bag of woman's clothes. It was from maybe 1996, the was pretty dated, and would have been given to Goodwill or DI but the print really appealed to me.

I love to find fabrics that have potential, and figure out what it could be used for and who would get it. The pattern was from Simplicity and I made this dress to be "grow-able" which means I cut it larger by at least one size, and after it was sewn together I sew the bodice up on either side of the bodice so it looks almost like a full princess cut. I do this only through the bodice so as the child grows the dress can be let out. It does not affect the skirt in anyway, but just to be safe I cut the skirt slightly larger as well. I'll have to take a good photo of this so you can see it better. It's a great way to make something last longer since your child can wear it as they grow. Almost all of my kids dresses, jumpers, and even some tops I've done this, just so they can really get some use out of them.

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