Fabrics and behind the scenes of the Carousel Magazine Christmas Shoot

When I was asked to help with this shoot, and found out the color scheme and what the feel was, I went through my fabric stash and found some great fabrics that I hoped would capture that homespun feel.  
This is the photo of fabric swatches that I sent to Christina, the creative stylist from 4 Kids Cakes. She loved them, yeah! Then I went to town, picking what fabrics for each child and how to mix and match for a real country, homespun, almost vintage vibe.

For the boys pj pants, used fabrics from various sources. I was able to find a great flannel sheet set, of all things, at Bed, Bath & Beyond and those are the green plaid for the smaller pants.

This is the front of the boys pants. I love mixing fabrics and with all of my kids pj's I use the softest flannel I have for the waistbands. Cuffs are just my thing too, because say that child has a growth spurt? You can just unpick the back section of the cuff and the leg is lengthened by another 1 1/2".

The pj pant back, Love the back pocket! I had to add it.
For the little girls nightgown, I went a little crazy.  The main floral print I found at Joann's, but it was a clear white background, and we didn't want white but more of a soft cream, so naturally I tea-dyed the fabric! Super easy and since discovering fabric paint, fruit and veggie dye and staining. I've realized I do that more than I probably should! Oh well, it just looked great. The yoked collar is of course soft flannel(also tea-dyed to match!)

A closer shot of the detail for the nightgown.

The older girl's pj pants, are so cute and I had fun adding the ruffle cuffs. Pockets in the front for girls.
The back of the girls pj pants. Super soft flannel at the waist as well. 

The behind the scene shots. The kids looked adorable and although this is obviously a candid shot with my phone, this really was a fun day! Here is a little secret about all these pjs, the two older kids are siblings and they both share two fabrics, note the cuffs and waistbands match...? Also the younger two kids (how cute are they?) are siblings as well and the little boy's pant back pocket and the night gown have the same red print. I know! Really sneaky, but fun.

Christina, the awesome creative stylist for the whole spread. She had such a great eye for all the little details and the whole set-up was beautiful! After seeing this, I'm now completely converted to the many uses of burlap!!!

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