Pencil skirts and women..

I love pencil skirts! They are a staple in my wardrobe, and are easy to wear. They take you from women to WOMAN! There is that raise in body conscience that makes you stand taller, pull your stomach in (and with heels) have a sway you your step.
I've never met a skirt I didn't like, and I'm loving that the trends are going alittle longer, instead of above the knee hemline now it's just below and tapers in a smudge to really have that fitted, retro feel.
Dolce & Gabbana

My paneled with pleated kick-pleat panel.

This one I also made and I'm waiting for the right place to wear it. It was a scarf I bought and it was
just enough to make into this beautiful skirt.

Raspberry brocade skirt, I was so in love with this fabric and realized there are not enough Raspberry colored skirts in the world! 

This is my FAVORITE skirt in the world, I have a basic skirt pattern that I altered and made my own way. I added the side diagonal panels and love how it gives the illusion of more curves. If the fabric has some stretch it looks even better!



Same skirt, different outfit. This photo below was before I took in the sides for a more tapered look, you can see the difference a 1/2" off each side makes!

Love this look from J. Crew

A twead skirt I made for a Mother of the Bride. She wanted something that she would wear again. She had great legs, so I went just above her knees and it looked perfect, I liked it so much I made one for myself too!


The skirt I made a few years ago, my first denim pencil skirt, and wow, all the top stitching was fun!


This was another skirt I made for a client, she was obsessed with Jennifer Lopez, and was a slim little thing. The front waist panel has 14 pin tucks, and the whole skirt is top-stitched. Again this is a denim with 2% spandex, stretch fabrics are a girls friend!

All these photos are examples of great skirts and how they can be styled. Courtesy of pinterest.



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