I've had few people ask about how to tie a belt and even if they could or should wear a belt. I LOVE belts! I haven't always worn them, but since I'm pretty straight up and down with really no waist or hip definition, they have saved my style!
 With a cardigan or dress or jeans they help define a space between upper body, bust and legs. As well as cinch in clothes that might to baggy or loose.
Here is a link that has 4 ways to know a belt.
Here are some other examples of knots for your belts. Note the widths are all under 2" wide.
 Now there are a few tricks for belts
1~ ALWAYS wear belts that are bigger/longer than you need, that way you can knot it and it will give you a smaller looking shape, think contrast of size
2~Even if you have a bit if a tummy, you can still wear a belt, play with the widths, find one that looks size appropriate. Example; I'm 5'7, and a average/slim build, my "perfect" belt width is 1 1/2" wide. But I also love a wider 3" belt, the wider the more of a statement.

3~ Have a few different colors and NOT always go for a neutral! I say that as realize all my photos have neutral belts. Oops! Well think a little pop of color or texture, like leopard or polka-dot or even a weave.

More examples of styling with belts. If you want more ideas, look online in your search engine look up "belts"  "knotted belts" whatever you can think of and also look in your closet. What do you have that you might not have worn because it's baggy or too big? BELT IT!! I'm telling you having a waist that has some definition is awesome!


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