Prom Season 2013!

 Prom Season was busy this year! I lost count after 6 dresses. Between the High school prom and a Mormon prom, was was altering and refitting several dresses and no two were alike! Always a goal of mine.
This first dress was so beautiful! The color looks more purple with the flash but it really was this amazing royal blue/purple.

 Originally it was strapless and needed to have more support and also sleeves! but I wanted to really show off this great neckline and the beaded detail.

The first problem was finding fabric in the exact color! So... I luckily had leftovers from another formal and we used the underskirt from this blue dress for the back and sleeves and replaced the under skirt with a satin purple that looked awesome, and yet you couldn't see until she danced.

The underskirt had this great matte finish and looked great with the satin.
I did a V-neck in the back since this would have to be pulled over her head, giving her more room to get into the dress.

This girl had some great ideas, and we incorporated some of the matte fabric to the sides and added to the neckline and bust detail. you can see the pins since this was a fitting and I wanted to be able to adjust the material.

The front was a long V, and the photo on the left is the finished dress. it had a really great 40's feel. I loved how perfect this came out!

I'm always one for a challenge, and this girl gave me one! She found this amazing dress and wanted to make it modest and yet totally hers. since it was a long maxi dress, and she wanted a high-low hemline, I had the material I would need to add sleeves.  The feel is very Boho, surfer chick look. I was able to keep the teal lace along the front hem and the sleeves are the perfect length!

This girls sent me this text asking if we could cover the back and make it a bit more modest. The color and beaded detail are gorgeous! So of course I said we can totally do it!
The length was long enough to take off a few inches and I was able to use that and add sheer panels along the beaded straps...

And then we had to add to the front, by raising the neckline and covering a little more of the arm and sides. To blend this all in and make it look like it was made this way, I hand stitched glass beads and sequins to match the original beading! And let me tell you, that was a fun, crazy, long, perfect project in and of it's self!

The finished dress, actually she came over and I laced her in as she was going to the Prom!
She looked like a sparkling princess!
The back with the beading and laced up!

The finished front. The draping and beading with the added panels looked flawless!

This next dress was beautiful even before I touched it! It was a bright pink, with ombre, almost dip-dyed looking skirt. The middle photo is the before and the two side photos are the after, I just added wide straps that work as sleeves. I gathered the material to mimic the waist band and it now looks like a completely different dress.


Ok, this dress is so awesome! The colors are so perfect for Spring Prom! It was a strapless dress and I was able to take some length since she was going to wear flats and made the straps. It looks so perfect and fit much better now that she didn't have to keep pulling it up!

This red one was very similar. It had tiny, skinny straps and we gave it some more support and I love how it turned out!

This gold dress was also strapless, and it really didn't need that much, but you can see in this photo how long it was and way too big through the bust and waist. I fell in love with this dress! And so did my carpet, the sparkles were all over my sewing room and for days I found glitter in my hair and even in my kids bathroom upstairs!

The finished dress, re-sized, hemmed to the right length and straps and back added. I did a deep V in the back to blend the straps to the bodice but by doing that, the straps would stay up and not pinch her shoulders.

Four of these lovely girls, I altered their dresses and they all looked perfect for Prom!

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