Spring Time for girls....

Here are some of the cute summer dresses that I've worked on the last few weeks!
I love this print! It says Bright! Cheerful! Summer!  Maxi dresses are a huge trend this summer and I love it on little and older girls alike.

The photo on the left is from last year, but showcases the front, and on the right is a back view and was taken a week ago. My oldest has grown over 3" in a year!! Time to make some bigger dresses I guess!

The next few dresses have a fun story! I found the fabric for them at, of all places, Bed, Bath & Beyond! It was for a full size bedding set.

I just loved it and it was 400 thread count cotton, I thought it would be soft and comfortable for kids to wear in the summer.
Each girl picked out a style they wanted and I added the details. I 'm in love with how fun and cute and different they both are!

Dress #1, halter style with snap and back zipper, I have growth seams since this child is in a growth spurt and who know where it will end. The snaps will then be attached to ties that will adjust.


We did a wide waist band to break up the floral and she wanted something "more grown up".
The length is a few inches above her ankles, again for her to grow and it still be long enough.


Dress #2, This child is also growing and we needed to make it work with her. She wanted sleeves, since she doesn't like layers as much as her sister. I used the flat sheet's trim for the hem and lower ruffle on the skirt.

You will notice the different trim colors for each dress to give them more detail.

I added growth seams on the front and back of this dress.


This dress was and old dress of mine. I love the fabric, I bought it many years ago and a flea market in Berkley, CA. I love that it has a iridescent sheen to it. the main color is this teal, but it had purple and blue in it as well. The straps and waistband are scraps from the summer maxi I did earlier.

This dress I just love! The print reminds me of the dresses Maria makes the children out of curtains in "The Sound of Music" The colors are bright and cheery and I love the round neckline and gathers in the bodice and sleeves.

I wanted this one to be very different so I did a bubble skirt. It came out just beautiful!

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  1. Wow! The stylish tailor has opened my eyes! Who would have thought bed sheets could have looked so amazing!