Halloween Costumes, Part 1

This month has already started and came so quickly! I'm starting to wonder when life began going by in fast forward! (Anyways, my little senior moment there)
I've been so busy working on weddings and costumes that I haven't been able to make my weekly post! Sorry everyone! And speaking of costumes, I wanted to show some of the last few years of costumes.

I made this costume for my oldest when she was almost 2 years old. It was the first real attempt at a "fancy" costume, and it is still one of my favorites!

And then the snow white dress was worn by my second daughter two years, later. I don't have any pics of the Halloween between because we didn't dress up, since I was sick with a new baby!
But the year this was taken I made both the Snow White and the Cinderella dress.

E, wanted to be Cinderella, and I think I used about 14 yards of tulle in her skirt and the peplum, she wore that dress at least a hundred times before it was too small.

Last year, I made some renaissance costumes for a family that goes to the Renaissance Fair here in Utah every year. They wanted them as traditional as possible. I actually used a bedding sheets set to make her dress. It was an ivory color with a brocade motif and was a nice, thick cotton that held up really well. The bodice and sleeves were lined and I had to sew the trim on by hand since it was beaded. Her husband is wearing real chain mail, and it must have weighed at least 20 lbs. which was still very light for the time

This little girl loved pirates!!! So we made her a "girlish" pirate costume. The shirt is muslin, and the vest is red velvet on one side and the other is black lining. Her mom already had some black leggings so it was a really easy costume to put together.

These two kids are some friends of ours, who wanted to be pioneers, obviously! and I made sure the costumes were "growable" since they wanted to be able to wear them for at least another year.

This was probably the most resourceful and recycled dress I've ever made! This woman called and wanted to have a princess dress made for herself. But she wanted it to be a cheap as possible, I told her that I specialize in re-using fabrics and that she could just pay me for my time, if she could find other sources for fabrics and notions. Well she loved the idea and called me back a week later and had gone through her, her mother's, and her grandmothers closets and found EVERYTHING that we could use! Including a zipper! So we drew up some sketches and came up with the style and figured out what would be used where, and because we had extra fabrics, she was able to make herself a head wrap! Such a fun project!!

Last year I had to come up with a cheap way to make my daughter's Belle costume, I made this dress from a variety of different fabrics. The gloves, and the main skirt are from a satin bed Sheet I bought at DI. The sleeves and bodice insert are from a scrap of fabric I bought at a yard sale that I knew I would use for something! There is 12 yards of tulle under that skirt! The over skirt used to be a sheer valance, but now it looks perfect with the dress!

And here we all are all dressed up out trick-or-treating! The girls looked great! And Wait till you see this year's costumes..... I'll keep posting more that I've done soon. I can honestly say that this years costumes for my kids will probably be the best I've done yet!

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  1. Kera, You're so cleaver. The costumes are great. I think Queen Grandma needs one too. Pink, lavender or green please:)