The Pinterest Dress....

I was able to make a dress for a sweet little bride who sent me these photos of a dress she fell in love with from Pinterest. I saw these and fell in love too. I mean what a dress right?!

She loved the layers of chiffon and lace. 

So we hunted down enough lace and chiffon and I got to work. one little problem though, the bride was in Idaho until a month before the wedding! So after a few dozen emails, a skype measurement fitting, and only a few hours of talking over the phone getting the style, silhouette, fit, and feel,  I pieced together an assortment of patterns. I had so much fun with this design! I have known this bride for years, and she is not a fancy big dress girl, and if I think right, she mentioned she wanted the dress to be really comfortable, like a night gown comfortable! 
With only her measurements, I started putting together the bodice. 

The skirt was going to be at least 5 layers of liner, chiffon, and lace. 

I wanted to make sure I had enough chiffon and I loved how it draped on the bias. 

This is almost ready for her first fitting.

The first fitting was a bit funny. Both bride and her mom were apprehensive when they saw all the pieces, it was too early to see the dress through the mess!  I was so happy that the dress fit almost perfectly. 

Adding the many layers for the skirt. 

2nd fitting. Not the bodice and sleeves fit much better, and the skirt is almost done. 

Cutting the chiffon and adjusting the hemline. 

3rd and final fitting! Finishing the skirt, adding the ribbon tie and finishing the neckline.

I love this moment, when the dress is done, you can tell how excited both the bride and I are! I love that her mom took this photo, I feel this way with every dress, and every bride on the final fitting.

The Wedding Day! A very happy bride. 

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