Skirt Challenge update

Here is the summary from the last week of days 16 to day 22! 

Miss E is wearing a linen skirt I made her in February for this summer, My skirt is from J. Crew.

Warm summer like day, I made all three of our skirts here. 

Off to a meeting, 

Warm day of shopping, I made all of our skirts. My skirt is a wrap from a silky graphic print. I love this skirt! 

Also taken that day, I was picking things from our garden for dinner and planting more potatoes.

I'm wearing a dress I originally made for a wedding that fell through, (I didn't ask for all the details) but I got to keep the dress! I will post about that soon, since it's wedding season. Miss J is wearing a jumper I made for Miss E two years ago. Miss E wearing a tee-shirt dress with a warm, and soft, stripe sweater from Forever 21.

This was taken today, Miss E and I after yoga and before running errands. 

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