Day 8 & 9 Skirt Challenge

Day 8,  We went to church. I wore a white slip dress, that I bought at a yard sale, it was big and stained, but real silk and had potential!
I bleached it, and took it in. I love how it fits now, and the asymmetrical hem looks great.
I added a purple cardigan, and purple leather wedge sandals, then tossed on a turquoise necklace and brown/natural belt and I'm comfy and ready to go.
For day 9 (today) it's a denim skirt and tee day. I had a client come by this morning and she told me to enjoy wearing neon now because women over 30 shouldn't wear neon!
Well I was flattered, but I let her know I am well into my 30s, (I'm 34 in case anyone was wondering!) And I'm not giving up neon anytime soon. They make me happy! Have a bright, colorful Monday.

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