Girls and Sequins

My girls are my totally awesome photographers, so of course I have to take a few of them too! 
They wanted to show off their outfits from last Sunday. Both dresses I re-sized.

I bought this blush/nude sequin stretch fabric at JoAnn's and thought well hey I need this for a skirt! Because who doesn't want a sequin nude-ish skirt?

The cobalt cardigan is from Gap and the cream blouse I bought at a thrift store and re-sized and restyled. 

I left the hem cut and unfinished. I like the flat edge and the hem is angled, longer in the back by almost 3".

 I used the salvage along the ends to make the waist band. 

I wanted the skirt to not feel tight, and more A-line. I added a triangle panel in the back and it fit perfectly! 

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