Graphic Print Pencil Skirt

Last summer when my sister was in town, she found this fabric. it's a heavy weight stretch suiting, and wow the print! I love the colors and the print and the moment she showed it to me I knew I wanted it! I mean come on just look at it! The outfit potential is off the charts. 

I knew I wanted a pencil skirt with that much stretch and a with such a busy print, I wanted to keep it simple. Deciding which way to cut it was hard, on the bias or on the grain? Also, which way should the pattern in the print go? 

In the end, I went with the grain since it has enough stretch that I could make it into a slim pencil style and still walk, sit and have some range of movement. 

Here is the finished skirt. I love it and I'll post more outfits as I wear them. This skirt will definitely have a permanent spot in my wardrobe, I wear every color in it!

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