A Dress, a skirt and all the trimmings!

I've been busy with life and doithe nude heelsng less sewing lately. It's been a good break and I wanted to at least post a few photos from the last few weeks. 

This shirt dress, I made two years ago, and at the time, I was not sure if I would even wear it! I usually like separates, or slim fitting dresses. But, the color and print won me over! I'm wearing it with a silk/cashmere cardigan from Banana Republic, the boots I bought on ebay 3 years ago ( I love ebay and have found some awesome deals!) the belt is from Marshalls

The Raspberry skirt I made from a dress I found at Goodwill. I didn't even take photos of the project. That was before I really got going with posting photos as I worked. The cream blouse and crochet short sleeved sweater are vintage. I really like these colors together! 

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