Day 31 through 33. Skirt challenge

First off, if you haven't noticed, this is several days late....
Over the weekend one of my grandmas died, and with several graduation parties, and weddings, I haven't had enough time to post and finish the challenge!
So here I am. On day 31& 32 I didn't even take any photos. But day 33, father's day Sunday, I was ready! The cobalt and white, midi length silk skirt was originally going to be a dress. I bought the silk at the sewing expo, and I only bought 2 yards, I should have bought 10.
I added pleats, and hidden pockets in the front pleats. I love how nice it came out, prefect for our vacation to seaside in a few weeks!
I have enjoyed this challenge, and the comments, tips and feedback. I think I will try again next year, but plan ahead to offer some skirt sales. So definitely let me know if you want any skirts that you have seen from this challenge.
Have a great summer, and I would love to know what you loved or didn't!

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