Day 21 &22

This has been a busy weekend! I'll make this brief. Yesterday I wore a tiered maxi skirt and long sleeve t-shirt. My good friend made me a beautiful wrap bracelet and I based my whole outfit around it. The colors are light browns and greens. And my maxi skirt is gray, blue and white stripe.
And since today was warm and beautiful I just wore a white t-shirt and a tie-dyed knit skirt. After dinner my family and went for a mini hike to a local attraction, Victor Falls. And it is very high and dangerous! My husband took the photos of my son and I since my daughter's didn't want to stand that close to the's was very high!
I've had a few people tell me they are following this challenge and look forward to what I will wear everyday, what are you wearing? Who else is doing this? Show me what your doing!

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