Day 8

Day 8, this is what I wore to church today. The chiffon dress I made last year and love to wear it with green, yellow and blue. Or in this case neon lime green! What can I say, I love color!
I talked to a few women over this past week, when ever someone would say something about my outfits...cute shoes, cute skirt, what have you, and tell them about the challenge.
A women I talked to at the movie theater had even heard of it a few years ago, apparently she heard that Donna Karen started it 5 or 6 years ago...well that was cool to hear.
I'm also taking note how others perceive and treat/react to me. My husband is dressing up for date night now, and getting groceries I feel pretty, even with flip flops.
Are you noticing changes in how others treat you?  Or how you feel about yourself? I'd love to hear what you say

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