Day 16 & 17 skirt challenge...

 Busy week and it's only Wednesday! Yesterday I forgot to post the photo, oops! Here is yesterday, I wore one of my wrap skirts. the previous post is here  
One of my yoga clients gave me this orange t-shirt. I love the colors!!
This is what my life is like wrangling kids, I wanted him in the photo with me, we both love orange. but he wasn't so happy about that, the stinker!

Today, as my kids head off to school and work I wanted warmth and comfort. Bright blue t-shirt, light brown cashmere hoodie and a silky, scarf skirt. With my Toms and Fossil bag.  After wearing the bright orange and blue I figure I might as well wear it again! Just differently.

Yup, a candid. Since I still have this awful cold/sinus cold, my eyes were getting drippy trying not to squint...So glamorous! 

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