A skirt and a challenge

I saw something a few weeks ago about modesty and noticed there is a revival of modest dressing, there are more designers and brands that are making hemlines longer, wider straps, cute sleeves, or higher necklines. The feeling is by covering a little more, you have an air of mystery or class, showing a more feminine side and that has been awesome to see that in the trends and styles now.  

Now here is my challenge....Starting May 11th, Mother's Day. I'm going to embrace my femininity and wear a skirt or dress everyday until June 14th (Except when I'm working out!) I realized I have a lot of skirts and dresses that I don't wear very often, just waiting for a special occasion.  And why not try this out and see what outfits I can come up with? In the end I might be packing the un-worn skirts away for my girls...
I will try and remember to post a photo everyday and I would love to see who else wants to do this!! Can you do it? Are you up to the Challenge? Share your photos in the comments and let's show the world that being modest, cute and feminine doesn't have to be frumpy. 

Here are a few examples of what I might be wearing the next few weeks. 

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