Special Occassion dresses for girls

Special Occassion Dresses for little girls
I have been super busy with Easter dresses, prom dresses and the usual mending and altering! But I wanted to show off a few new dresses!              
Both of these photos I took at Target and Old Navy respectfully, I wanted to get ideas for trends and color schemes.

This is a Easter dress for a girl who wanted to "look more grown up and not just a kid" There are rosettes in two different fabrics that are hand sewn along the shoulder and side-bodice.

 I loved how great it came out,

Summer dress with contrast trim. I love this pattern! It always comes out so nice and I'm able to make it "growable" everytime! Which means I can cut this out at least one size bigger and take it in with stratigic seams, that can be let out as the child grows.  

This jumper was so fun to design, I thought a dropped waist would be a fun change and the fabrics all worked out so well together.

 Front and back of jumper.

Another summer dress. This style is cute and fun to wear and the sleeves and details are all different florals that work so well!

Front and back.

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