I love skirts, they are easy to make and easy to wear. This is a few of the many skirts I've made and wear  myself. As you can see I've done fitted and flowy.      

My dear husband helped me take these photos, since taking them while wearing them isn't very easy!
This green skirt is a cotton-poly sateen and I wanted this skirt to have a forties feel, I added side panels that gave it a flare and helped with movement.

I received this fabric from a friend when she went to India, she knew my favorite color is purple. Because the color and sheen is so bright and intense, I kept the style simple, below the knee and pencil cut.

This is my idea of a basic khaki skirt. by having vertical and diagonal panels it gives the illusion of curves. This style of skirt works well with most shapes. The stretch-blend fabric holds well and is durable to machine washing. I've made other skirts and pants out of this fabric and love how well it hangs and fits.
From the side you can see the diagonal panels that give it such a great shape.

 This is a light-weight tweed, I lined it with a darker brown and used the liner as the contrasting trim along the waist. The length is flattering and I cut this on the bias so it would hang better and add movement.

A full skirt, I don't have many of these personally, but this is a style I've made for several clients. It's very flattering and comfortable. This is a sheer that I doubled up and made the top layer slightly shorted. The color is a beautiful raspberry and is very versatile.

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