Tiered skirts

I love tiered skirts! So much fun to make and look so cute. So this week is dedicated to those fun and easy to wear skirts!

This was my inspiration for this year's looks. I love the boho feel and the various fabrics and trim make it versatile to wear.

I made this from upholstery fabric! I just loved the color and the stripes.

Earlier this year I saw a style of skirt like this at Gymboree at I thought I can totally make that! I love the browns in the print and the patch plaids are a perfect match for it!

This is a throw back to our Polynesian roots. Pink and brown are just made for each other!

This is made from a very soft corduroy and my daughter loves this skirt! I like the longer length for fall and winter.

Ok if you haven't noticed I have a weakness for calico's! I can't help it, and this skirt is just fun! I made it extra full and swingy, and the 100% cotton make it light and versatile.

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