April Showers...and spring flowers!

There are signs of spring all around! And I'm so excited to finally be able to wear all the fun dresses and outfits I've been working on the last few months for myself, my family and others!

~I made this dress to be "growable" I loved the idea of making something that could still be worn for for years, and since kids grow like weeds I do this with a lot of clothes from them, and what "growable" is, is that I cut the pieces a size larger and after it is all sewn I take in at the shoulders and waist that can later be un stitched so it can be worn more than one year.

I loved the fabrics for this one, with the collar and tie at the waist in cordinating print, it is so cute! And the colors suit E so well.

I saw this fabric and knew it was for J! She has been asking for a dress with a bubble skirt so I had to make this the one with it.

I made this one, because I loved the pattern and wanted to make this in flannel, I had this beautiful print that needed to be used for something girly, and it worked out perfectly!

I saw this fabric and fell in love! It's such a fun color and knew it needed to have other bright colors added to it. And the maxi length is so right on trend right now!

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