Color block Skirt

Earlier this year I saw an ad for The Children's Place, one of my favorite children's clothing stores, I get lots of inspiration from them!

This skirt is a tiered skirt from Children's Place, I thought it would be a fun skirt for summer since the colors are some of my oldest' favorite colors

I had some solid quilter's cotton scrapes from another project, I just bought some half yard pieces in some other colors to add, after washing all the fabrics I cut them into 6" wide strips and serged the lengths together for the tiering,

I serged both edges since I wanted exposed ends like the inspired skirt, I used a hot pink thread for more contrast,

I started at the top of the skirt and made a waistband, most of the children's skirts I make had elastic waist, they way they grow and wear through clothes it's just easier. After sewing the top tier I continued and added more tier, having the serged edges facing upward, it gave more detail.

This is the finished skirt, what I love about tiered skirts is that they are "growable" and yes that's a word I use quite a bit. I can add or take away another panel as kids grow or with my youngest, are too short to fit it at the moment.

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