Maternity skirt make-over

Being 6 months pregnant I've outgrown my regular clothes, and there is no way I want to spend hundreds of dollars for clothes I will only wear for a few months, but there are so many cute clothes out there I won't lie! So the answer to my problem?....I make them or make-over them!
This was my
inspiration for the skirt I wanted to get...It's from Gap Maternity.
I was in need of a denim skirt, and yet did not want to have to spend $40 to $60 to by one, so I found one at a thrift store that had the panelled look I wanted, and a zipper in the back, it was 2 sizes too big, of which was perfect since who knew how much more I'd "grow", and it was only $5! I already had a fine weave jersey knit that would work great for the tummy panel,
so I figured out how long I wanted it, cut off the waist, but left the zipper in and made sure there was over and inch of fabric along the zipper to attach the jersey-knit to.
I measured and cut the jersey knit to be a full panel style, by cutting the fabric to be wide enough to go around my growing belly, I want it to be snug, but not too tight!
and then I make sure that it was high enough to go over my belly and I doubled that so it would be like the pants and bottoms at Motherhood Maternity, The secret Belly pants and skirts have an over the belly panel that does not sag down and is soft and really comfy! I put 1/2" wide elastic along the top of the band just for added support and stitched the ends together.

I serged the jersey knit to the top the the skirt and left the back open by the zipper. The zipper had a very important purpose to help with the fit! Then I zig-zagged the jersey to the fabric along the zipper, for a smooth laying seam, and brought the top of the jersey together to make the band.

And Voila'! A custom fit skirt that will hopefully see me through the next few months in style!
The back of the skirt, you can see the zipper helped so much!
The front of the skirt, I made sure that it would hang right so I wouldn't have the belly bulge, from underneath my tummy and it turned out great!

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