Halloween Costumes Part 2, and sorry they're late!!

Okay, I know this is a week late but I've been super busy and finally took the time to get all the photos uploaded to my computer! so Enjoy. There are some similarities to some of the costumes, and I have a blast working with all of the people I made costumes for!

This is a friend of mine, who had always wanted to be Cinderella, so we had to make her a dress! The blue fabric we used was actually a satin sheet she already had, so that was fun to use.

This little girl, loves pink and originally wanted to be a princess but her mom found the red polka-dot fabric, and we made it into a pirates, I'm certain this was the trend for the year! I think I made a total of 6 pirate costumes!

I had a lot of fun making these costumes, the little boy, T, wanted to be a knight, then a king, then a jester, so he finally settled for a prince, and his sister A, wanted to be a princess, and we found the shiniest fabric possible!

Ok this woman wanted a Mother Goose costume, She brought my pictures of some that she had liked and this was the final dress. She carried a real stuffed goose! I wish I could have gotten a photo of that!

A friend's daughter, a snow princess, the lace on this dress was from a wedding dress that I had taken apart and used for a hundred other project beside this one! It turned out really cute.

And of course I'm a little partial to these cuties! My girls both wanted to be fairies and I had to even make Ella's wings since I could not find any that were big enough! Jos is TinkerBelle and she wanted to live in here dress! They both have two separate tu tu's and over 20 yards of tulle on each girl! I'm not going to lie but this was a really easy, super fun project!

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  1. WOW, you've been busy!!! They are all so cute, especially the fairy's :)
    But what else is a Grandma to say.